In what may be one of the better live broadcasting follies of the year, CBS focused in on/borderline stalked San Diego Chargers kicker Nick Novak as he prepared for a potential game-winning kick in the final minute. And by preparing, I mean taking a covert leak with the help of a wingman/equipment trainer. While it’s possible there is another explanation, the footage below seems to be pretty convincing:


Novak was not called upon to kick a field goal at the end of regulation, but did miss a 50+ yard try in the waning moments of overtime, setting up the Broncos and you-know-who with great field possession. The Broncos and Tebow ended up capitalizing, setting up an interesting blog chatter showdown as TebowMania will now have to fight for attention with Novak’s whiz.

With guys not wanting to go back to the locker room (especially the kicker) and not wanting to just piss in their pants (probably hard to pass off as “sweat” when you’re the kicker), Novak improvised. Frankly, if it wasn’t for CBS, I think he would have gotten away with it. Alas, it didn’t work.

I would imagine a lot of us can sympathize with the scenario, although the ridiculous need to urinate is typically the problem of the elderly or drunken man. I guess that Gatorade was just too damn good to pass up and Novak was apprehensive about attempting a very important kick with the thought of desperately needing to pee on his mind. 

The announcers never acknowledged the scene and I am guessing they just didn’t see it because it’s too funny to really ignore without even a chuckle.

The million dollar question: Is he just unleashing the stream on the grass, dirt, or drain, or was he containing with a cup?

(Photo via Sports Grid)

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