The NFL put out a press release today announcing that they are going to hold off on revealing the Week 15 “flex” until tomorrow (Wednesday, December 7) because NFL Committees were in New York today. By waiting until tomorrow, the announcement will only come 11 days before the Sunday of Week 15, thus, breaking NFL Flexible Scheduling 101

Hmm, no big deal I guess, until you realize Week 15 features a Tim Tebow-Tom Brady match up that is currently lined up for a 4:15 p.m. EST start on CBS.  It would seem, as the Denver Post says, that flexing Tebow-Brady would be a “no brainer” … so why wasn’t it flexed already?

Well, apparently CBS is playing a little Tebow tug-o-war (Tebow-war?) and thinks it’s their turn to have him, which may be the real reason for the hold up in the “flex” announcement despite what it says in the NFL press release: 

CBS, apparently, is not letting the game go easily. The network is considered the “AFC network,” yet it was not been able to capitalize on telecasting a Tebow-led Bronco comeback last Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings when the Fox network was handed the game because of an NBC flex game that broadcast the New Orleans-Detroit game. 

Now NBC would like to flex their Dec. 18 primetime game to the Tom Brady-Tebow matchup, which figures to be a ratings bonanza.

C’mon, guys. There’s enough Tim Tebow to go around. I mean, ESPN is having a TebowCenter tomorrow. Be generous and ready to share. 

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