We’ve reached the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs.  You can check out the full Divisional schedule here, but the basics are Ravens/Steelers & Packers/Falcons today beginning at 4:30 ET and Seahawks/Bears & Jets/Pats on Sunday beginning at 1 ET.  I can’t remember a conference divisional round that was as good as what we’ll see in the AFC this weekend.  Jets/Pats and Ravens/Steelers are must-see rivalry games with some good old fashioned hatred, which of course means the NFL has to screw it up.  The NFC games should be unpredictable, if not pretty good.  Discuss and leave comments about the games, the announcing, and your favorite foot jokes below throughout the weekend with our new livefyre system.  The new comments are a great upgrade for AA and the Bloguin network.  On Monday, we’ll post our grades for the top NFL broadcast teams and give our overall review of the NFL announcing landscape.  So, post all your Joe Buck knocks from the weekend here and we may use a comment or two for the article!  We leave you with the runaway frontrunner for press conference of the year.  Wes Welker + an awkwardly high number of foot references + deadpan delivery = comedy gold!

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