The NBA preseason tips off tonight (and the regular season in 10 days), so to celebrate the return of basketball the NBA will start digging into their faithful fans’ pockets, like a five month lockout that clipped 16 regular season games didn’t just happen [via Business Insider]: 

The NBA announced the prices for this season’s League Pass Tuesday, the television service providing access to every game throughout the year. Last season, service for the 82-game schedule cost customers $179. This year, it can be yours for the low price of $169. Great deal, right? Wrong! When you consider the 2011-12 NBA season is only 66 games, the service has actually increased in price.

Simple math tells us that it’s proportionally about $25 more than last year’s 82-game price. The five-team option is again $109, which is what I talked myself into last year.

As a subscriber of NBA League Pass, MLB TV, NFL Game Rewind, and NHL Game Center, I’d say NBA League Pass is the worst product of the major sports and it was already the most overpriced. Now, with the league cutting 16 games from the schedule, it’s even more expensive. Hmmmm. Well, thanks for your sincerity, Mr. Stern; I see NBA really does care.

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