The Diamondbacks defeated the Indians tonight on a 9th inning pinch hit walk-off HR by Wily Mo Pena. If you haven’t heard that name in a while, that’s because Wily Mo has only played in a handful of games in the bigs since 2008. While the HR was clutch, what he did just before the at bat drew the most attention from the MLB Network studio crew. For good luck or just because he lacks an appreciation of good hygiene, Wily Mo spit in his helmet before putting it on his head. MLB Network of course then decided to feature Pena’s loogy in glorious disgusting slo-mo replay. Gross for sure, but it is hard to argue with those results.

There are a lot of good things going on in this video. Easily my highlight is Harold Reynolds giving an absolutely flawless impression of Clubber Lang (Mr. T) mumbling something and everyone else on the crew pretending like they knew what he was talking about. Also enjoyable is Dan Plesac repeatedly making noises that instantly reminded me of the grape stomping lady for the majority of the clip. Plesac also suggests that spitting in your helmet “MAKES YOU FEEL MANLY.”  Well, I just spit in my hat and put it on before writing this. I apologize if the testosterone oozing out of this post is overbearing. The win by the snakes puts them just 2.5 games back in the NL West behind the world champs.

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