Minnesota Twins play-by-play announcer Dick Bremer wasn’t messing around during last night’s Twins/Dodgers game. 

As rookie Luke Hughes stepped to the plate in the bottom of the 5th inning of a tied game, Bremer felt something all the way down in his plums that Hughes was about to put one in the seats. Fresh and juicy, ready for the picking [H/T BLS]:

Bremer: “Hughes hasn’t homered since the end of April. I got a call here.”

Bert Blyleven: “I like it.”

Bremer: “I got a call.”

Here’s how it played out:

Notice how Bremer just calmly announces that the Twins are back on top? I bet he left Blyleven hanging, too. That’s a man who is all business. Now, the “call” wasn’t quite as sweet as Mike Blowers predicting the count, pitch, and location of a dude’s first career home run, but this is still a hell of a call (assuming he didn’t make 100 unsuccessful predictions leading up to this one). When you’ve watched thousands of games like Bremer has, it’s possible you can develop a relatively successful gut for this sort of thing. It didn’t let him or Twins fans down here.