Well, it is Friday the 13th, a fact that I did not realize earlier tonight when I tweeted this regarding Justin Verlander throwing another no-hitter through 5.1 IP against the Royals.  It was just a harmless tweet… what could it really do???  Of course, since it is in fact Friday the 13th, Verlander allowed a hit approximately 13 seconds later.  Sorry, Detroit.  So, to raise everyone’s spirits, I share with you ESPN’s Mike Greenberg screaming like a Scream Queens contestant thanks to one of the Mike & Mike staffers dressing like some sort of cross between Rey MysterioDracula, and Nacho Libre.  By the way, if you’re looking for a scary movie to watch on Friday the 13th, I recommend Nacho Libre.  That thing was frighteningly bad.  In fact, I would rather listen to Colin Cowherd narrate Pride and Prejudice than watch that atrocity again.  I’m rambling now… let’s just enjoy the clip before I jinx something else…

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