Sportsgrid brings us the goods in this video of the HBO announcing crew reacting to the judges controversial decision in the Paul Williams/Erislandy Lara fight. There’s a lot of good things going on here, I’ll point out some of my highlights.

-Fight ends and Lara’s trainer rushes the ring and lifts him up in celebration. Williams does that awkward unconvincing celebration that usually no one buys…except of course a couple of judges tonight. Lederman’s scorecard flashes on the screen showing he had the fight 9 rounds to 3 in favor of Lara.

-at :39 in, check out the young girl in Williams’ corner with the skittle colored headphones that she didn’t even bother to take off looking as sad as possible.

-With his arms in the air as the judges decision is being read, Lara’s face at :53 seconds pinpoints the exact second you can see his heart break. Skittle headphone girl approves of the decision.

-1:02 in, a clearly disgusted Bob Papa weighs in.

-At 1:18 in, Roy Jones hilariously says, “goodness sakes!” before comparing this decision to his immensely controversial loss at the ’88 Olympics.

-At 1:25 Bob Papa invites those watching at home to tweet their disgust.

-Pause at 1:44 in and check out Kellerman’s face as he looks to have just completed the most sarcastic post-fight interview ever after describing Williams performance as “courageous.” The next 30 or so seconds is everyone with a microphone looking flabbergasted at the ineptness they felt the judges had tonight.

-At 2:41 Jay Sherman makes an appearance. The way Max delivered that line had to be him paying homage to the short-lived mid 90’s animated show staring Jon Lovitz, right? Right. The Critic, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated shows of all-time. It was just a smart show that ended too soon. Jay Sherman also guest starred on a Simpsons episode teaming up to create possibly my favorite thirty second clip ever…football in the groin.

Wait, what’s this website about? Sports announcing? Oh, then here is a clip of Bob Costas (really) broadcasting the opening moments of the NYC marathon as Jay looks to pull off the upset. See, once again, I’m on task.

-2:43 in to the video, I, Max says the decision was indescribably bad…then spends the next 40 or so seconds describing just how bad the decision was. Papa’s response to Max’s rant simply was to say “crazy” in a defeated tone as the clip ends.

Well, that’s boxing for you. Sometimes you get Ward/Gatti and other times you get the apparent travashamockery that took place in the ring tonight. This is usually the point of the post where I’d for no real good reason at all post up Max Kellerman’s rap music video, but it apparently has been taken down all over the internet. Instead, I leave you with this screenshot from that video that looks to have accurately depicted Max’s mood tonight.

sad max kellerman


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