Matt Millen is a college football “analyst” for ESPN.  I put that term in quotes because I hesitate to take “analysis” about football seriously from someone who produced this.  The former Detroit Lions GM, who will now exclusively be a college football “analyst” for the leader, was on SportsCenter tonight to talk about the situation at Miami, the suspension of starting QB Jacory Harris, and who will replace him in the Canes’ opener against Maryland.  As you know from your full Week 1 Pammies schedule, Matt Millen will be the analyst for the Miami/Maryland game on Monday.  So, it’s only natural that Jay Harris would ask Matt Millen about what’s happening at The U and at QB specifically.  

Thankfully for us and the entertainment of schaudenfreudians everywhere, Matt Millen responded in the most Matt Millen way imaginable.  Naturally, bubbaprog (who will be our guest on the AA Podcast this week on Thursday) was first with the video…

I would expect there to be Jarrett Lee… (stammering)… that would be my best guess, having not watched them, I want to get down there to watch them in practice, and we have them in the opener… umm… it would be… that’s interesting.  I’m going to try to get down there this week, try to get a handle on the whole thing.”

Jarrett Lee.  Yes, the same Jarrett Lee that will start LSU’S GAME AGAINST OREGON.  The same Jarrett Lee that plays for a different university in a different conference in a different state!  And now we have the evidence that we need to confirm that Matt Millen and ESPN just make it up as they go along.  It’s like they aren’t even pretending to try anymore.  Don’t worry though, our intrepid “analyst” is going to get to the bottom of Miami’s fuzzy quarterback situation when he gets down there this week (the actual roster is a good place to start) to “get a handle on the whole thing.”  Let me speak for college football fans everywhere…


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