The Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State is one of the most horrifying, disgusting stories in sports in quite some time.  As time has passed, the news coming out of State College has only gotten worse as more and more details become available.  There have been so many emotional reactions to the shocking story varying from rage to anger to sadness that it’s hard to comprehend the full scope.  Words fail to express the hurt and anguish one feels for all of the victims involved and the disbelief that something like this could happen on such a large scale.

As a former Nittany Lion, Matt Millen’s appearance on SportsCenter this morning showed the gravity and the human element of this story.  He visibly choked up and broke down when discussing the news that has been reported in the last week regarding his alma mater and his former coaches, Joe Paterno and Sandusky.  The inner conflict within Millen, and all of those emotions, were on full display live on SportsCenter this morning.  Here’s video of the full segment, the moment of Millen choking up begins at the 4:00 mark…

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