Last month we reported that Marv Albert was rumored to be in talks with CBS to replace Gus Johnson in the booth for NFL coverage. Today that move was finalized as CBS announced Albert will indeed be joining the fold this coming fall (pending the labor situation getting resolved). Below is the typical PR blurb you get with these announcements.

“Marv Albert is recognized throughout sports broadcasting as one of its true legends,” says McManus.  “Very few in the broadcasting industry can claim his combined accomplishments and remarkable longevity.  We are extremely excited to add Marv to our NFL ON CBS team.”

Many of our older readers will recall Albert as one of the better announcers at NBC when they had the AFC package of NFL games. If you think Albert may be out of practice in terms of calling NFL games, he’s actually been doing Monday Night Football on the radio for quite awhile although he moved on from that role after the 2009 season. 

We’re not sure who CBS will pair Albert with or if he’ll enter the CBS totem pole of announcers in Johnson’s former position (6th string team) or do more prominent games.

This definitely helps CBS limit the damage of Johnson’s departure to Fox and puts some closure behind the very public move. Albert is a big name whose resume speaks for itself and has a very recognizeable voice that fans enjoy. CBS still will have to deal with March Madness without Johnson, which is definitely a social phenomena that really can’t be replaced. 

For NBA fans, Albert isn’t going anywhere in regards to his NBA responsibilities. 

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