This is your night Mark Cuban (and Maverick fans, people in Ohio, and 90% of NBA fans). The owner and entrepreneur who has always had a chip on his shoulder seemed to fall back on that mentality as he boasted not once, but twice on television that Maverick fans “punked the sh*t out of Miami fans.”

Below is the Sportscenter video:


The funny thing is, after that quote, I immediately went to write this article and noticed that there already seemed to be a post up about this. had already posted and tweeted this story. Really? It took you under 30 seconds to write up this event and tweet it? That’s crazy. 

Sportsgrid was actually posting a different video in which Cuban essentially said the exact same sound bite earlier while in the locker room:


I think the best part of the whole “incident” was Hannah Storm’s reaction immediately after. She was frozen in this type of face for about 12 seconds.


Cuban has never had issues with crossing the line or pushing boundaries. Given his euphoric state, I don’t think he’ll have any regrets, even if the NBA punks the shi*t  out of his bank account. 

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