A couple weeks ago, I blogged about how it was looking bleak that HBO would be able to procure an agreement to do another season of Hard Knocks. Today we were greeted with this ominous tweet from Peter King.

While not yet confirmed by HBO, it’s looking like they threw up the white flag as they stared down a litanny of issues prohibiting production of another season of the show. No new CBA, no team signed on to do the show, and major logistical issues means football fans will be without one of the most high quality sports programs on television. 

I think most football fans could stomach the loss of the HOF game but Hard Knocks? That hurts. 

With labor peace on the horizon and no confirmation from HBO, I am still holding out a glimmer of hope that an NFL owner picks up the phone today and calls HBO begging to be featured. If the Bengals made the playoffs on their one season being featured, maybe other perennial losers will take heed and embrace the accountability of being in the spotlight. 

First Mad Men and now Hard Knocks? You suits are killing me.

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