Many, many, many, many virtual trees have been sacrificed the last two years over LeBron James. His mysterious final days in Cleveland, The Decision, the betrayl of Cleveland, LeBron’s legacy, LeBron’s choking in the playoffs and so much more.  However, among all of the silly things LeBron James said last year, one of the biggest foot-in-mouth moments came at the initial Miami Heat Championship Celebration Welcome Party.  Before the “Three Kings” (shocking how that nickname didn’t take off like a rocketship) had even played a game together, LeBron James predicted his Heat would win at least 7 NBA Championships.  Let’s go to the videotape!

Of course, LeBron’s boasting was a point of comic fodder for much of the season, and especially during his disappearing act in the NBA Finals.  But, amidst the chilly climate of the NBA Lockout, LeBron is now appearing in a new set of McDonald’s ads to promote their Monopoly game.  And you know what?  LeBron comes off as a very sympathetic and humorous figure as the narrator pokes fun at his famous faux pas.

And maybe that’s the most frustrating aspect of the entire Decision debacle.  Deep down, when you strip away the corporate coccoon of King James and the ensuing farce his image has become, LeBron is someone you want to root for to succeed.  This isn’t meant to be another psychological profile of LBJ, but there is that certain connection that one makes with LeBron James when he’s not trying to portray himself as something other than the kid from Akron.  Maybe that’s what Cavs fans miss the most about LeBron leaving his hometown team.