Few things in the world can compete with the pageantry and fierce competition that all of America witnessed tonight at the Akron football practice facility. If you just Asked Jeeves about what event I’m talking about, then you weren’t nearly as hyped as you should have been for the fist annual LeBrowl game between Team Bron and Team KD. Yep, what you are seeing is something that actually happened on Planet Earth tonight. A flag football game was played by two NBA stars weeks before the season starts that included jerseys being made, announcers and officials being hired, on-screen graphics and thousands who tuned in to watch on the internet.

Somehow it slipped my mind that this clash of the titans was going on tonight so I only tuned in to WITNESS the waning moments of a close one in the 4th quarter. Luckily that was enough time to look like an idiot as I muted the B1G/ACC challenge to point my crappy camera at my crappy computer and populate the internet with possibly the most worthless video it has seen. What I initially saw did not surprise me. LeBron James’ team was melting down in the 4th quarter and blowing a lead. To their credit, Team Bron showed some heart and fought back to retake the lead with 30 seconds left. Unfortunately for Heat fans, once again LBJ looked passive in the final minutes as he didn’t show initiative and relied on his teammates to make the big play.

Team KD got the ball back with 30 seconds left down by 7 and they were driving. IT WAS INTENSE! LeBron was playing safety and apparently the 6-8 robot was wreaking havoc in the secondary all day as the PBP man predicted he’d end the game with an INT.

Did it hit ground?! Apparently not! I’m surprised the excitement of the moment didn’t cause the internet to go down around the nation.

Yep, this might be the first video documented proof of someone taking a knee in a flag football game. And, if you were wondering what a post flag football game interview with LeBron James would look like, he apparently still speaks almost completely in cliches.

A tough loss for sure for Team KD and their sullen captain, Kevin Durant. Now, let’s get ready for some revamped talk of “SHOULD LEBRON PLAY IN THE NFL!? LOL! BUT SERIOUSLY, SHOULD HE? IDK. LET’S CHECK HIS TWEETS!” by professional sports pundits.

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