Actually, I’m surprised this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.  Pro athletes aren’t exactly known for their discriminate tongues, but there are just certain words that you don’t want to drop anywhere, no matter the circumstances… especially if it’s in front of a national television audience and you’re one of the most marketable, popular, and well-known athletes across the world.  Right, Kobe? (Warning, language here is pretty vulgar)

Ouch.  That wasn’t pretty.  Reggie Miller chuckling at Kobe doesn’t help the situation either.  Tiger Woods swears all the time on the golf course and gets away with it from the PGA Tour, but Kobe using a disgusting slur like this and being caught on TV seems worse.  Seeing as how it’s Kobe and the Playoffs are imminent, I’ll be shocked if he’s suspended for swearing like Wayne Rooney was a week ago in the EPL.  But, seeing the vulgarity of this video makes me think the always image-conscious David Stern will want to do something, if only a slap on the wrist to make the story go away.

H/T The Last Angry Fan

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