Happy Opening Day, everyone. The last time you witnessed meaningful baseball, you probably remember Ken Rosenthal wearing a bow tie and making his 5-foot-short frame appear even more hilarious as he’d interview much taller ball players.

Well, when you see his jovial little face again this season, you’ll see him wearing a bow tie — all the time, and for a variety of good causes [via Fox Sports]:

Each Friday on, we will display the bow tie I will wear on that week’s broadcast, along with a description of the charity and how to get involved. For the postseason, we plan to conduct polls on which bow tie I should wear for each game.

Funny how it all comes around. I didn’t want to wear a bow tie because I thought it would distract from my work. [Dhani] Jones’ mission, though, aligns perfectly with how I perceive my job.

My goal with every column is to make people think. Jones, through his bow ties, wants to achieve the same thing. Let’s talk bow ties. Let’s talk charities. Here’s to a great season on FOX.

Amen. Dhani Jones, of course, is a former University of Michigan linebacker who started the bow tie cause after his friend, who had been diagnosed with lymphoma, told him to “rock a bow tie” to the 2000 NFL draft.

Rocking a bow tie has always been perceived as kind of super nerdy, but real scholars can assure you that rocking a bow tie has never been cooler. Kudos to Jones and Rosenthal.

Ken Rosenthal to wear bow ties for charity during 2011 MLB on FOX season [Fox Sports]