There may be no better follows on Twitter as a sports fan right now than the major NFL reporters.  Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Jay Glazer of Fox, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, and even Pro Football Talk are always dishing out stories, news, and rumors, trying to beat the competition, especially during the mad rush of this past week.  The race for these reporters to get the story first is almost as interesting as the actual stories themselves, with Glazer tweeting a shot at his ESPN rivals yesterday.  

Well, in the midst of the craziest and shortest offseason in NFL history, ESPN’s John Clayton finally got in the Twitter act yesterday.  One day and 71 Tweets later and Clayton has already amassed 134,000 followers faster than you can say Darren Roveil.  Something tells me that John still hasn’t quite grasped the nuances of Twitter completely yet though.  Take a look at Clayton’s Twitter page.  This is an actual picture as of 7:30 ET.

Wow.   At least it is an original background.  Clayton’s Twitter account is just as newsworthy as the other top NFL reporters, but my word.  Is there not one intern in Bristol that can dress up his Twitter page just a little bit?  It gets better when you look at Clayton’s profile on Tweetdeck.  Again, an actual screengrab…


Phenomenal.  This is probably way more funny to me than it really is, but I absolutely love this Twitter anomaly.  Then again, maybe the Professor is all outsmarting us and the small picture and graininess could just all be a reason to obscure us from seeing that famed pony tail

Thanks to Chuck Anderson for the tip.