Wide receiver Donte Stallworth agreed to a deal with the Washington Redskins last week, inciting this awkward tweet from former Redskins’ quarterback and famous tongue-slipper Joe Theismann [H/T SportsGrid]:

This would be immediately chalked up as an innocent mistake if, you know, Donte Stallworth wasn’t convicted of DUI manslaughter a couple years ago. Theismann corrected himself, tweeting shortly thereafter that he meant Stallworth could be a “difference maker,” blaming the mix up on his ‘big fingers.’

I’m sorry, I’m not buying that, Joe. I would’ve been much more inclined to believe you if you said it was “Smart Type” or Autocorrect’s fault, like what really happened to Aziz Ansari that one time he upset his gay friend Greg. I just hope Donte is as understanding as Greg.

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