The final Second round matchup of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament pits two of the biggest loudmouths on the sports airwaves against each other.  In one corner we have the small, skinny loudmouth Stephen A. Smith, who unfortunately is slowly starting to pollute ESPN’s airwaves once again.  In the other corner, is the more prototypical big fat loudmouth, Tony Siragusa.  The choice is yours!  Which bag of hot air will you send to the next round to complete the not-so-Elite 8 in our quest to find the next face to be immortalized on AA’s Mt. Rushmore!  We’ll be back Monday with all the Second Round results and the draw for the quarterfinals.

Stephen A. Smith vs. Tony Siragusa


Stephen A. Smith

Fact File: ESPN NBA reporter/analyst/debater… well, actually he’s not around that much anymore

Why He’s Here: Stephen A. is a hard man to find these days.  After the mistake that was Quite Frankly and his period of overexposure, Smith faded away.  Somehow, he has a job hosting shows on ESPN Radio in New York and Los Angeles and still makes the sporadic TV appearance appearing on First Take, subbing for Jim Rome, and in other various nether regions of the leader.  It’s enough for us to give Screamin’ A. a place on the list.


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Round 1 Result: Defeated Stuart Scott 51.45% – 48.55%


Tony Siragusa

Fact File: NFL on Fox sideline reporter and analyst

Why He’s Here: Siragusa has been one of the pioneers of the field level analyst.  Hockey has gone to an analyst/reporter inside the glass, but Siragusa’s role in Fox’s coverage is basically the same thing.  The idea in theory isn’t bad, but in practice it usually disappoints.  Siragusa is much more useful telling bad jokes, talking about food, or wasting time rather than providing anything of substance…. like analysis.


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Round 1 Result: Defeated ‘Crazy’ Jack Edwards 71.55% – 28.45%


Stephen A. Smith defeated Tony Siragusa  63.91% – 36.09% 

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