The Second Round of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament kicks off today.  In case you’re just joining us, we’re holding a tournament to find a current sports media personality to replace Joe Morgan on AA’s Mount Rushmore and it’s all voted and decided on by you.  Here’s a link to the full First Round results where we’ve cut 32 entrants to 16 over the last week.  The Second Round matchups are as follows:

Joe Buck vs Deion Sanders, John Sterling vs Skip Bayless (Thursday); Chris Berman vs Mark May, Colin Cowherd vs Joe Theismann (Friday); Jim Gray vs Thom Brennaman, Craig James vs Rick Reilly (Saturday); Michael Irvin vs Pierre McGuire, Tony Siragusa vs Stephen A. Simth (Sunday).

Round 2 begins with a huge matchup featuring two highly polarizing personalities.  Joe Buck has been quite the topic of conversation this week, with his vocal cord issues and weakened voice getting centerstage attention during the MLB All-Star Game (even getting awkwardly called out by Justin Timberlake).  Honestly, all the heat Buck has been taking is almost turning him into a sympathetic figure.  Deion Sanders has been out of the spotlight recently, but that can’t last for long with the NFL lockout hopefully coming to an end.  Who gets your vote to move on to the Quarterfinals in our tournament to put a new face on AA’s Mount Rushmore?

Joe Buck vs Deion Sanders


Joe Buck

Fact File: Fox’s #1 play by play man for NFL and MLB.  Has announced several World Series and Super Bowls.

Why He’s Here: Joe Buck has quickly risen to the top of the most disliked sports announcers.  His dry, monotone style doesn’t quite fit in with an age where Gus Johnson and Kevin Harlan are two of the more popular sports announcers in the business.  Beyond that though, Joe Buck has a certain air of smugness towards his announcing duties, even admitting in the past that he isn’t that big of a sports fan.  His attempted and failed late night career told sports fans that he had bigger and better things to do than announce the biggest games in sports.  


Joe Buck Doesn’t Enjoy Baseball Anymore
Real Tweets From Real People – Joe Buck
It’s Time For Fox To Sit Joe Buck
The Artie Lange Interview

Round 1 Result: Defeated Chris Rose 72.53% – 27.47%

Deion Sanders

Fact File: NFL Network analyst

Why He’s Here: Deion Sanders could be given a nightly two hour long show to talk about only himself, and fill it with 20 hours to spare (he would have to sleep some).  No other analyst is so self-aggrandizing than Primetime, who has carried that same swagger to his analyst positions to something less than nationwide acclaim.  To put it in perspective, CBS dumped Deion for Shannon Sharpe.  Ouch.


Deion Dropped By CBS
Deion Sanders’ Extremely Awkward Appearance On Mike And Mike
Deion Criticizes Former Pupil Dez Bryant, In Other News, Pot Calls Kettle Black 

Round 1 Result: Defeated Mike Tirico 69.59% – 30.41%


Joe Buck defeated Deion Sanders  55.21% – 44.79% 

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