Round 2 of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament continues today with two more 2nd Round matchups.  Thanks to everyone that voted today and we hope you come back through Sunday as we cut the field from 16 to 8.  Here are your results from yesterday…

Joe Buck d. Deion Sanders  55.21% – 44.79%
Skip Bayless d. John Sterling  64.14% – 35.86%

Today’s matchup is quite intriguing.  Colin Cowherd has emerged as one of the favorites in the Joe Morgan Memorial for obvious reasons.  However, Joe Theismann has a long history of awful announcing in his own right.  Can he upset the Thundering Herd?  It’s up to you to decide.

Colin Cowherd vs Joe Theismann


Colin Cowherd

Fact File: Host of ESPN Radio’s The Herd and co-host of SportsNation on ESPN2

Why He’s Here: When polled last month, nearly 85% of respondents said that ESPN should end its relationship with Colin Cowherd.  His stereotyping and pontificating are legendary for all the wrong reasons.  Very few in the sports media get away with offensive and flat out wrong statements like Cowherd has the ability to do.  Cowherd likes to pander to intellectual elites and openly mock large portions of his audience.  Thankfully, CBS passed on a sitcom pilot based on the life of Cowherd.


Cowherd Shuts Down The Big Lead Just To Be A Douche
Cowherd’s Ignorant and Insensitive Take On Sean Taylor’s Death
Cowherd’s Race Bating Includes Ridiculous Comments Towards John Wall
Cowherd Tells The Unemployed It’s Your Own Fault

Round 1 Result: Defeated Bobby Valentine 88.47% – 11.53%

Joe Theismann

Fact File: NFL Network analyst

Why He’s Here:  Joe has long been one of the blogosphere’s least favorite analysts, but his legendary infamous run with Matt Millen was his “finest” hour.  Although Theismann was axed from the game broadcasts after only a year, he’s still listed as an on-air personality, so he makes the field.  After all, is still touting his “wealth of knowledge and expertise.”


Real Tweets From Real People – Matt Millen And Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann: Don’t Forget Danny Woodcock Out Of The Backfield
Jaws Replaces Joey T On Monday Night Football

Round 1 Result: Defeated Mike & Mike 65.7% – 34.3%


Colin Cowherd defeated Joe Theismann 61.71% – 38.39%

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