It’s time for the beginning of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament!  If you’re just joining us, this tournament will involve the most awful sports television personalities in a 32 person knockout tournament to take Joe Morgan’s place on Awful Announcing’s Mount Rushmore.  Since Joe isn’t actively announcing, we decided that our readers should decide who it is that will join Pam Ward, Dick Vitale, and Tim McCarver on our banner.  As we announced last week, the tournament will feature a random draw every round and there will be new matchups daily.  All you need to do is vote for who you think is more awful.  The fun begins with two outstanding matchups today.  First, Cold Pizza Explodes as Skip Bayless squares off against former debate partner Woody Paige.

Woody Paige vs Skip Bayless

Woody Paige

Fact File: Around the Horn personality, Denver Post columnist

Why He’s Here: Paige’s buffoonery has somehow lasted on Around the Horn for nine years and over 1600 appearances.  He’s outlasted Max Kellerman and former print and television rival Jay Mariotti on the show.  Woody seems to take pride in his lack of sports knowledge and class clown role.  Paige has also been under fire recently for plagiarism allegations from Sports by Brooks.


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Skip Bayless

Fact File: “Star” of ESPN’s First Take and 1st & 10

Why He’s Here: The former antagonizing columnist transformed into an antagonizing TV personality with his transition to first Cold Pizza and then First Take on ESPN2.  Bayless traditionally squares off against a debate partner in segments that contain enough hot air to lift the Hindenburg.  Often, Bayless will say outlandish things just for the sake of saying outlandish things.  Thankfully, most people have stopped listening.


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Skip Bayless d. Woody Paige 77.91% – 22.09%

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