We are halfway through Round 1, so make sure you come back every day through Tuesday to vote on new First Round matchups.  Then, we’ll have all the results from Round 1 and the Second Round draw on Wednesday before voting starts up again.  The bald headed analysts shine in this matchup in Round 1 of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament.  Reggie Miller and Pierre McGuire both receive the ire of basketball fans and hockey fans alike for their high positions on broadcasts and low analysis.  Unfortunately for fans of those sports, they aren’t leaving the broadcast booth anytime soon, but only one can advance to the second round of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament.  Who ya got?  

Pierre McGuire vs Reggie Miller


Pierre McGuire

Fact File: NHL on NBC inside the glass analyst

Why He’s Here: There are many hockey fans that just don’t like Pierre McGuire.  It could be the way he gushes about certain players, the way his cliches and style grates, or even how he pronounces certain words.  Mainly, it’s the way McGuire carries himself as an expert in spite of his 23-37-7 record as an NHL head coach.


Why Do People Hate Pierre McGuire?
How Full Of It Is Pierre McGuire?
Pierre McGuire Is Effin Creepy
Caps Fans Hate Us

Reggie Miller

Fact File: NBA on TNT game analyst

Why He’s Here: Reggie Miller has been closer to Boom Goes The Dynamite than Boom, Baby as an analyst for TNT’s NBA coverage.  Miller is the prototypical example of an athlete shoved into the booth or on television because of his name and not what he brings to the table as an analyst.  


Reggie Miller Channels His Inner Emmitt
Reggie Miller Gets Put In His Place
Reggie Miller Takes The Mic
Oh No He Didn’t


Pierre McGuire defeated Reggie Miller 57.62% – 42.38%