This may be my favorite matchup of Round 1.  Two titans of Awful Announcing come together as reigning, defending, Most Awful Announcer of the Year Matt Millen takes on the one and only John Sterling.  Millen has come back to TV as a legitimate analyst after his disaster with the Detroit Lions.  At least he’s still clearly a resident of planet earth… something I’m not certain of with THHHHEEEEEE Yankees play by play man (seriously, just look at that picture).  Remember, polls are open until the next matchups go up tomorrow.  Then on Wednesday, we’ll have the full recap of Round 1 and the Round 2 draw as well as our first Round 2 matchup.  

Matt Millen vs John Sterling


Matt Millen 

Fact File: ESPN college football game analyst, studio analyst for Monday Night Football, and elsewhere on ESPN

Why He’s Here: The former Detroit Lions GM used to be one of the best announcers in the NFL over a decade ago.  However, his stint as one of the worst GMs in sports has ruined his credibility as an analyst.  For some reason though, ESPN decided to put him on nearly every football game and studio show on the network.  Since returning to the booth and the studio, all of his questionable opinions and takes have been magnified.  Also, there was his memorable pairing with Joe Theismann in the NFL Network Thursday Night booth, which was one of the worst analyst combos in history.  Millen was named AA’s #1 Worst Announcer of 2010 by the readers.


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John Sterling

Fact File: New York Yankees play by play man

Why He’s Here: Sterling is one of those rare announcers that has become a caricature of himself.  His Bermanesque homerun calls can be painful even for the most ardent of Yankee fans.  They wouldn’t be so bad if Sterling didn’t routinely botch even the simplest of commentary.  His trademark “Yankees win, THHHEEEE YANKEEEEES WIIIINNN” call is the anthem of the seventh circle of hell for baseball fans outside New York.


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John Sterling d. Matt Millen 58.69% – 41.31%

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