Our newest matchup in the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament pits David vs Goliath in more ways than one.  Tournament favorite Chris Berman takes on underdog hopeful Erik Kuselias.  Don’t let Berman’s girth in awfulness fool you, Kuselias is a worthy opponent with his history at ESPN and, well, more unseemly things.  But is it enough to send Berman stumbling out of the tourney in Round 1?  You get to decide!  First, here’s the results from the tournament so far…

Skip Bayless d. Woody Paige 77.91% – 22.09%
Rick Reilly d. Hawk Harrelson 58.7% – 41.3%
Tony Siragusa d. Jack Edwards 71.55% – 28.45%
Thom Brennaman d. Jon Gruden 58.32% – 41.68%
Michael Irvin d. Dick Stockton 71.61% – 28.39%
Deion Sanders d. Mike Tirico 69.59% – 30.41%

Erik Kuselias vs Chris Berman


Erik Kuselias

Fact File:  Morning Drive co-host on the Golf Channel and former ESPN studio show host

Why He’s Here: I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched a second of Morning Drive, but Kuselias earns his spot from his recent time at ESPN.  Seriously, I know nothing about the guy (beyond his Deadspin resume), but he always appeared to be a bit unauthentic as ESPN’s utility player.  When subbing for Cowherd, he’d try to be Cowherd, when subbing for Rome, he’d try to be Rome, when doing college football, he’d try to sound like the biggest college football guy on the planet.  I’m sure he’s pulling a similar act at the Golf Channel.


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Chris Berman

Fact File: Host of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Home Run Derby, and golf’s US Open, occasional SportsCenter anchor and baseball play by play man

Why He’s Here: How much time do we have?  Chris Berman has been synonymous with ESPN for over 30 years, but his schtick of nicknames, bad jokes, and bellowing humor has grown old.  His protection of the NFL and the stars of the league leave his journalistic bite at zero.  The #1 best selling ESPN book painted him as a man drastically out of touch with the modern day world, and it shows.


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Chris Berman defeated Erik Kuselias 76.83% – 23.17% 

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