Two dark horses face off in our second Elite Eight matchups as ESPN’s lightning rod for present criticism, Craig James, takes on ESPN’s lightning rod for past criticism, Stephen A. Smith.  Thanks to the 2900 of you that voted yesterday in our first E8 matchup!  Quite frankly (see what I did there), Stephen A. is much less visible than he was in his heyday, yet his screaming still resonates with sports fans years after his peak of visibility.  Craig James has been the scorn of the blogosphere in the last couple weeks with the documented revelations of his true sleaziness revealed in Mike Leach’s new book and #FreeBruce.  You will choose who faces Chris Berman in the Final Four of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament.  

Stephen A. Smith vs Craig James


Stephen A. Smith

Fact File: ESPN NBA reporter/analyst/debater… well, actually he’s not around that much anymore

Why He’s Here: Stephen A. is a hard man to find these days.  After the mistake that was Quite Frankly and his period of overexposure, Smith faded away.  Somehow, he has a job hosting shows on ESPN Radio in New York and Los Angeles and still makes the sporadic TV appearance appearing on First Take, subbing for Jim Rome, and in other various nether regions of the leader.  It’s enough for us to give Screamin’ A. a place on the list.


Stephen A on Kwame Brown
Stephen A voted AA/AOL’s Worst Sports Announcer (2007)
Stephen A Says Goodbye To ESPN
Stephen A Has Heard Something Terrible About LeBron James

Round 1 Result: Defeated Stuart Scott 51.45% – 48.55%
Round 2 Result: Defeated Tony Siragusa 63.91% – 36.09%

Craig James

Fact File: ESPN college football game and studio analyst

Why He’s Here: James became an integral part of one of college football’s biggest stories when his son Adam’s allegations of being locked in a closet led to Mike Leach’s firing at Texas Tech.  This led to an awkward series of revelations made by Leach about Craig’s meddling in his program, lawsuits, and other developments.  ESPN was put in the position of having one of their analysts be an integral part of the controversy.  How did Craig James respond?  Well, rumor has it he wants to be a Senator of course.  And now that his coverup and controversy briefly resulted in the “suspension” of respected CFB writer Bruce Feldman, James is more despised than ever.


The Mike Leach Book Excerpts Make Craig James Look Like An Even Bigger Douche
Craig James Wants You To Help Texans Help Save America

Announcer working Alamo Bowl gets Alamo Bowl coach suspended
Craig James running to the Senate
Craig James loses it

Round 1 Result: Defeated Mike Patrick  75.17% – 24.83%
Round 2 Result: Defeated Rick Reilly 66.32% – 33.68%


Craig James defeated Stephen A. Smith 60.76% – 39.24% 

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