The Elite Eight of the Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament begins with two NFL studio stars and former NFL Countdown comrades going head to head.  Chris Berman has steamrolled through the competition so far on the backs of his tired catchphrases and nauseating performances at the US Open and Home Run Derby.  NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin may be a bit of a surprise to make it this far, but his pioneering of staged laughter is a testament to awfulness in sports on TV.  You can check out the Elite Eight and full Second Round results here.  The Elite Eight runs with new matchups every day for the rest of the week, vote now!

Chris Berman vs Michael Irvin


Chris Berman

Fact File: Host of ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, Home Run Derby, and golf’s US Open, occasional SportsCenter anchor and baseball play by play man

Why He’s Here: How much time do we have?  Chris Berman has been synonymous with ESPN for over 30 years, but his schtick of nicknames, bad jokes, and bellowing humor has grown old.  His protection of the NFL and the stars of the league leave his journalistic bite at zero.  The #1 best selling ESPN book painted him as a man drastically out of touch with the modern day world, and it shows.


Somebody Should Explain The Concept Of A Walk Off Win To Chris Berman
Real Tweets From Real People – Berman and the US Open
Tossed Salas Nickname
Classic Youtube Rant

Round 1 Result: Defeated Erik Kuselias 76.83% – 23.17%
Round 2 Result: Defeated Mark May 70.09% – 29.91%

Micheal Irvin

Fact File: NFL Network studio analyst

Why He’s Here: The former Cowboys receiver is the poster child for the staged guffawing that has infested NFL studio shows.  Irvin has never lasted in one place too long, jumping from Fox Sports Net to ESPN and now to NFL Network.  Irvin can be sincere, honest, and moving when he wants to be (see his Hall of Fame speech and statements in Out Magazine), but it’s rarely ever seen in his television work.


Michael Irvin Might Have A New Home
ESPN Fires Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin Says Something Stupid

Round 1 Result: Defeated Dick Stockton 71.61% – 28.39%
Round 2 Result: Defeated Pierre McGuire 69.1% – 31.9% 


Chris Berman defeated Michael Irvin 58.9% – 41.1% 

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