The Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament is into its final week!  Our field of 32 hopefuls for Joe Morgan’s spot on Mount Rushmore and immortalization in Awful Announcing lore is now down to the Final Four.  If you’d like to see how the entire tournament has shaken down, you can check Round 1 and Round 2 results at the links.  Here’s the results of last week’s Elite 8 matchups…

1) Chris Berman defeated Michael Irvin  58.90% – 41.10%
2) Craig James defeated Stephen A. Smith  60.76% – 39.24%
3) Colin Cowherd defeated Skip Bayless  65.43% – 34.57%
4) Joe Buck defeated Jim Gray  56.34% – 45.66%

Our semifinals will go live on Monday in one post so you can vote on both matchups together.  Now that we’re down to the nitty gritty of the competition, voting will run on both semis all the way through Wednesday.  Then, we will see the Final begin and voting will go all the way through Friday, where our newest face on AA will be revealed next weekend.  Here’s the bracket and the semifinal matchups with my fancy word processing skills.  It’s Chris Berman vs Craig James and Colin Cowherd vs Joe Buck in the Final Four.

We have three men from ESPN (Berman, James, Cowherd) and one from Fox (Buck).  An ESPN victory would mean 3 out of the 4 faces on Mount Rushmore are from the “leader” (Ward, Vitale) while a Buck win would see him join booth partner Tim McCarver and become the second Fox personality on Mount Rushmore.  These are two titanic struggles of awfulness and they truly could go either way.  Whoever ascends to the top of Mount Rushmore, it will be well and truly earned.  See you for the semis!

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