Everyone knew it was coming and Jim Nantz delivered … thrice. As time was expiring in yesterday’s musty, musty National Championship game between Butler and UConn, Nantz (most likely) licked his lips, stuck out his chest, and brayed what he has probably practiced literally thousands of times since Saturday’s semis: And the Huskies are the top dog in 2011!

But he wasn’t done. No, he sure fooled us. Here we were trying to guess which pun Nantz would use and he goes ahead and drops THREE on us. Yes, three dog puns to wrap things up. Seconds after the first (spliced in the video below), Nantz basically reminded us that the two team mascots were dogs and that he was going to send it to commercial with another doggy pun: “Everyone talked about the dog fight coming in, right? Huskies and Bulldogs… [Kerr humors him as viewers groan, knowing exactly what’s coming next] Well, one thing was very clear here tonight in Houston … Connecticut wins best in show!”

It’s just a shame Nantz didn’t make a doggy style or bitch reference. With the cuss words CBS mics picked up during the game, I don’t think it would’ve been a big deal for Nantz to get a little graphic. After all, he did drop his second Jersey Shore reference of the tournament last night when he said neither team was “getting it in.” (Okay, that’s not what he was talking about, but he did mention The Situation during the Elite Eight in Newark, New Jersey.)

As for the announcing in general, well, in a game that reminded me (and even others) of Sandy Lyle lettin’ it rain, it was more excruciating to listen to Nantz than usual. We could’ve used some contrived excitement from the announcer, but can you think of anyone CBS could’ve used instead … yeah, I can’t either … hmm …

[huge fist bump to Bubbaprog for the specially requested video]

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