College Humor is usually good for a solid laugh every month. I’ve particularly enjoyed the Prank Wars series and I even tuned into their short lived television series on MTV as well. Unfortunately though the venture backed company IAC owned property has been having a bit of an identity crisis of late. Many of the more prolific comedians of the site are like myself dangerously approaching their thirties and their comedic style may even be maturing a bit as well.  

The branding of the type of comedy they provide needed to be broadened away from just being hi-jinks for the college crowd. With that in mind, College Humor launched and subsequently knocked it out of the park with this terrific Moneyball satire trailer poking fun of the Yankees.


While College Humor may have found the college audience a bit limiting, there is certainly a large audience that will embrace this well executed jab at the Yankees. Given the Onion’s poor foray into poking fun of the sports world, maybe Jest/College Humor can successfully resonate over time with sports fans? 

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