ESPN reporter Jenn Brown had a bit of an adventure this morning when she evidently found herself locked inside her own hotel bathroom.  It’s a slow news day, what can I say.  Here’s the proof via Twitter


You can decide which is slightly more embarrassing – publicly locking oneself in a hotel bathroom or calling a head coach “Bitch Jones” on national television.  Fortunately for Jenn, she had her cell phone with her so she could call somebody to rescue her.    Fortunately for us, this also means she had a chance to tweet about it and answer your important questions in the moment…

JennBrownESPN Any one who wants to stay warm whilst taking a shower…Duh RT @SchwarzAdam: who closes the bathroom door in a hotel!

JennBrownESPN Pretty much… RT @tcumike: So you are just sitting in there chilling, and tweeting?

JennBrownESPN think I’ll go with my flavored vitamins first, but good to know! RT @ROTHENbenRG: I heard the decorative soaps taste like candy.

JennBrownESPN That, my friend, is a very good question… RT @ttintn: just curious… Had you not had your cell what woulda been your plan?

JennBrownESPN Someone who listens to ESPN Radio in the morning RT @SchwarzAdam who brings their phone into the bathroom to take a shower to begin with?

JennBrownESPN Could have come in handy in this situation…could have MacGyvered my way out. RT @bustedcoverage: did you open my wedding gift yet?

Nobody asked if she doesn’t like Craig James, too?  I’m disappointed Twitter!  Oh well, we can now cross live tweeting being locked in a hotel bathroom off the “Things Twitter Can’t Do” list.  At least she didn’t lock her keys out of her car.  Thankfully after what must have seemed like an eternity isolated from the non-tweeting outside world, Jenn Brown was finally freed…

Seriously though, I can definitely empathize with Jenn Brown’s escapades.  You may want to snarkishly label this a “blond moment” but I’ve been known to try to open random cars in parking lots that just happen to look like mine.   Things like this happen to me all the time.  I’m such an expert at being locked out of places, Billy Hunter has been calling me for help in negotiations. (rimshot)  

Hey, Frank Caliendo can’t be the only person allowed to do lame semi-culturally relevant sports jokes, can he?

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