Bilas young jeezy

In my opinion, Jay Bilas tweeting Jeezy lyrics provides tremendous upside and potential to the internet. I picked a couple highlights from his twitter feed, but I highly recommend going to his page because there is so many to enjoy from these last couple of days. Obviously, many were suspicious and the prevailing thought had to be that Bilas had been hacked…I mean, just soak this in.

jeezy bilas 2

I mean, no way that could be this guy, right?

bilas not hacked

I follow Jay on twitter and he’s definitely an interesting follow. The majority of Bilas’ tweets usually deal with the always controversial issue of amateurism and the legality of the NCAA to enforce their rules. You know, typical nerd Duke stuff. It always seemed liked Bilas was kind of reinforcing that other ugly Duke stereotype, that one where those who attend school in Durham are a bunch of L7 weenies that are destined to be the next generation of Judge Smails’. Well, Jay kind of shattered that one here.

I can’t help but think that Bilas being a Jeezy fan isn’t somewhat a product of him rebelling against the terrors of his work environment. Jay has the extremely unenviable position of spending the majority of his time with Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament bubble snub, Digger Phelps. Digger’s idea of cool is wearing ties that match his highlighter and picking Notre Dame basketball to win it all every year. Digger is so obnoxious he even somehow makes me do the impossible, feel sympathy for a Dookie. Traveling around on a bus with him just might be how we should punish prisoners in the future.

No doubt in my mind that the Jay Bilas and Young Jeezy combination has to go down as one of the highlights in the history of this “series of tubes” that we call the internet.

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