What a crazy month it has been for Jalen Rose.  First, the reviews for “Fab Five” are through the roof, then comes the “Uncle Tom”/Grant Hill fallout, and now he’s being arrested.  But wait, that timeline is off because he’s being charged with DUI from an accident on March 11th.  Via TMZ….

Law enforcement sources tell us … the 38-year-old former NBA star was driving along an icy roadway on March 11 when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed.

Cops were called to the scene and Rose agreed to undergo several voluntary roadside sobriety tests. He was later transported to a nearby facility for chemical testing … those results have not yet been returned. Rose was eventually arrested for driving under the influence.

We’re told Rose was in his hometown of Detroit in preparation for the opening of the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy … a charter school designed to provide under-privileged youth with college prep experience.

If only Grant Hill had THIS information back when he wrote his piece for the New York Times!  Driving under the influence is bad enough, but doing it on an icy road is just flat out dumb.  In any case, Jalen will most likely not be facing any jail time and you’ll be able to watch him on First Take again, very soon.

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