jack edwards
Jack Edwards is insane. Luckily for all of us, he’s that lovable brand of crazy that we can all enjoy safely at home via the spectacular announcing clips he so often gives us. We appreciated Edwards sharing his gift with us so much that we even compiled a top thirteen list of our favorite Edwards moments. After marinating in that list for a while, it should come to no surprise to anyone that he once again upped the crazy in his latest and greatest demented clip where he creates his own lyrics to the “12 Days of Christmas” with some of his fondest Bruins memories.

Yep, that just happened. I enjoy imagining the reaction of the Bruins video guy when he was informed that Jack Edwards had rewritten the “12 Days of Christmas” and it was his job to find clips that corresponded with each line of Edwards’ maniacal singing.  Sure, it was a nice story that the Bruins won their first Stanley Cup Championship since the 70’s last season, but I think the greater story from that season is the fact that Jack Edwards now walks around with a Stanley Cup Championship ring on his finger.

H/T The Nosebleeds