When you hit the high school years, you are usually asked “What do you want to be when you get out of school?” at an insane rate. Some people just bust their ass to get to where they are at and others think they are blessed with a certain talent that they must share with the world.

Much like an early round American Idol castoff only put on the show for the embarrassment factor, it seems these two kids calling a local high school football game need to see the light and realize they do not have “it” when it comes to announcing skills.

Besides the fact it’s an utter snooze-fest listening to these two monotone voices, they can’t keep the play-by-by numbers or names right, there is zero enthusiasm in their voice and you can’t tell the difference in their voice between an injury and a touchdown.  Come to think of it, maybe they can announce the Super Bowl for Fox.

What makes it worse is that its not just one guy sucking the life out of the room, there’s TWO of them. Even though it’s high school, football is supposed to be exciting. (Just ask PYROTECHNICS.)  It’s not supposed to sound like an amateur golf matchup being called by two guys who just downed an off-brand of NyQuil.

They end the video with “man this is just sad to watch.” No sir, it was sad to listen to.