Last week, I lamented over the decline of the quality of games on Monday Night Football. Looking at the the schedule of games left, there looks to be a good deal of potential blowouts and generally unsexy games that will be a bit of a letdown considering the national stage.

Although many of you will tune into tomorrow’s World Series game 5, we here at AA thought we’d come up with a solution to help keep things exciting just in case things get out of hand during the MNF broadcast. With that in mind, we’ve come up with Monday Night Football Announcing Bingo.

Here are the rules:

For any MNF game in which the spread is more than 7 points (games that are deemed by Vegas to potentially get out hand and hence cause a lot of random conversations to fill the time), we’ll unveil announcing Bingo cards like the ones you’ll see below.

There are 4 Bingo Boards. Anytime before kickoff you’ll look at our boards that have the same 25 terms in them and pick what row or column you think will be the first to be completed entirely. If any of the three booth announcers talk about that given subject, you cross it off just as if your number was called in Bingo.

In the comments, leave your guess as to what board and row/column will be the first to victory. Columns are B,I,N,G,O. If you want to pick a row, just number them top to bottom as 1-5.  Also, we also ask that you predict the final score of the game as the tiebreaker in case anyone picks the same row/column.

Some examples guesses would be:

The Tirico Board, Column B  which includes-  Dolphins Head Coaching Job, Number Of First Rounders From Da U, Christian Ponder, College Football Playoff System, and Cam Newton.

The Kolber Board, Row 3 which includes- QBR, Pryor and Tressel NFL Suspensions, Number Of First Rounders From Da U, The LongHorn Network, and Carson Palmer.

The first person to close out their row or column will receive an awesome Bloguin Fleece Jacket, a known babe magnet in the sports blogosphere.

Below are your choices.

Tirico Bracket


Gruden Bracket


Jaworski Bracket


Kolber Bracket

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