ravech phone

Good news for those goofy kids from Angels In The Outfield, your team is now stacked. In just a couple of hours they’ve spent north of 300 million on contracts for Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson.

Also, GREAT news for those of you who enjoy awkward TV moments. Ravech, Kruk and Francona were on the set discussing the massive moves the Angels made live on SportsCenter. If you see at the beginning of the clip, Ravech is fiddling on his phone. Nope, he’s not playing Angry Birds. Ravech was apparently in contact with Wilson’s representative and just decided to ring him up on the air. I thoroughly enjoyed an obviously flabbergasted Francona looking around frantically and making jokes as he’s only been on the job for just under a week now. Ravech did get some good information, the Angels signed Wilson for 77.5 million.