Last night, the Jets and Texans played an ESPN-televised Monday Night Football preseason game in Houston. SportsCenter immediately followed the game, starting out with two minutes of coverage about Jim Thome’s 600th career home run, and the next 10 minutes about NFL preseason action. And understandably, because what’s the bigger deal in the sports world: Jim Thome being the eighth player to ever reach the 600 home run club(with three of the other members in the club being alleged steroid users), or 53 combined passes between Greg McElroy and Matt Leinart in an exhibition game? Clearly, ESPN got this one right.

Well, following those intense 10 minutes of NFL preseason highlights and analysis, Stuart Scott decided to drop this bomb on us(and I hope you enjoy my crappy video camera work):

Hilarious, Stu. Had I not been nerding it up on Twitter all night and been fully aware that there was zero news on the Favre front, I would’ve absolutely flipped out about this.

And with that in mind, could Stu have gotten away with this five+ years ago? We used to rely on SportsCenter and whatever else on ESPN to break us the sports news. Now, if a Favre-esque story breaks, we usually know about it thanks to Twitter or other sources on the interwebs, well before we see anything about it on television. 

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