I’ll admit, MMA fighting has never completely caught on with me. During pretty much every fight I have watched, I have a constant internal monologue where I debate if being trapped in a cage with one of these behemoths is the worst thing I can fathom being a part of. But, there is no debating its enormous and deserved popularity. When it is right, you will see some of the most insane acts of athleticism and bravery/stupidity in the world of sports. This was definitely the case last night in a fight on Versus as Cheick Kongo took on Pat Barry. In an insane 25 second span (starting at about the 4:30 mark), Kongo looked to be knocked unconscious twice…miraculously rises both times while being still being whaled on…and out of nowhere delivers a knockout blow to Barry knocking him completely out ending the fight. Unbelievable.

The commentary by NBC Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg was hilarious. They repeatedly yell that the fight was over and that Kongo had been knocked out. In their defense, to anyone that watched that fight, it certainly looked that way. When Kongo delivers his knockout punch from seemingly out of nowhere, both Rogan and Goldberg scream over each other in amazement at the insanity that just took place in the cage. Usually two announcers yelling over each other is considered sloppy announcing, but it’s hard to fault these two for not being completely composed after that wild comeback.

If for whatever reason the epicness doesn’t set in watching the entire fight, try watching it this time set to Guile’s theme from Street Fighter to really get you going.

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