Al Michaels and Howard Stern discussed the extremely delicate Penn State situation on Monday’s show. In true Stern fashion, he does not tiptoe around the outrage and disgust he feels about those who were allegedly responsible and covered up the unfathomable scandal that has rocked sports in the last week. The majority of Stern’s venom is directed at Mike McQueary, the man who saw one of the alleged sexual assualts take place. His inaction has been severely questioned although he believes he did take appropriate action.

Unfortunately, Michaels brings up a depressing point. It’s apparent that many were aware of the unimaginable accusations against one of the most prominent public figures at Penn State for as long as a decade and simply hoped it would never be discovered. Because of this, many kids were directly put in harms way because he was still allowed to be apart of his foundation and make use of the facilities at Penn State. It’s sad, but it’s looking likely that we haven’t reached rock bottom yet.

[H/T The Big Lead]

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