There was a lot at stake in Tallahassee tonight as Florida State took on UNC. UNC has hopes of an ACC title while a victory by the Seminoles would most likely cement their place in the tournament. Anyways, the game came down to the last 10 seconds with UNC down by one and with the ball. UNC decided to put their hopes of an outright title in the hands of the much ballyhooed PTPer, DIAPERDANDY Freshman, Harrison Barnes. As soon as Barnes let that three go my ears were bracing for all out pandemonium. Instead…we got relative calm? Strange. I was expecting one of those “oooOOOHHHHHH  AREE YOUU SERIOOUSSS?!?!” yelps that has been the trademark of Dickie V for decades. It’s a shame the game ends rather anticlimatically as an FSU player steps on the sideline just before he can attempt a half-court heave for the win.

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