Before we get to the Pammy nominees Monday morning, let’s take a minute to check out Brett Favre’s analyst debut at the Rice-Southern Miss game this weekend.  Unfortunately, there weren’t any Pammy quotes for Favre’s performance sent in on Saturday.  Either he was pretty decent, nobody actually watched the game… or we need to expand our Gulf Coast readership.  Let’s check the videotape!

Wow, Favre already looks ten years younger.  I’m just impressed he didn’t hint at a comeback, we dodged a bullet there.  Good for him to admit his nervousness, which was very noticeable in the open.  One can only hope Mike Morgan didn’t bow down to him the entire broadcast like he did in those first two minutes.  He’s your broadcast partner, you don’t have to beg for him to send you naughty text messages!  Even Southern Miss alums are probably tired of all the Favre worshipping that has occurred the last decade.  Favre did play it off well though and actually (gasp!) seemed humble.  Who knew!  

Since none of us are located in the deep south, we’re calling on anyone who watched the game to let us know how Favre did in his analyst debut.  Is Brett Favre in the booth something you’d like to see more of or would you like him to hold a teary eyed retirement press conference and walk away from announcing?  

As an added bonus, there were no sideline reporters harmed in Favre’s first broadcast.

Update: A huge thanks to Rick Limpert for letting us know that he tweeted some Favre quotes from Saturday’s game.  Needless to say, a couple of these will definitely show up in the Pammy nominees for this week and Favre has some work to do to.  He still may be better than Craig James and Matt Millen though…  

RickRoswell Brett Favre’s analysis after a long Southern Miss TD pass… “Great throw.”
RickRoswell More Favreisms from his commentary doing the Southern Miss / Rice game. “The good teams are good at what they do.”
RickRoswell Favre after the Rice Owls turn the ball over on downs while driving in the 4th quarter.. ” .” #silence
RickRoswell Favre on the high school football talent in Mississippi. “I’ll tell you…I can’t begin to tell you.”
RickRoswell Favre on Peyton Manning… “He doesn’t have to play anymore. When it’s the neck, it’s risky.”
RickRoswell Some of Favre’s color commentary tonight: “Yea, baby!”. “There it is.” and “He got in.”

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