You may have heard that VCU advanced to the Final Four by upsetting #1 seed Kansas on Sunday.  VCU’s run to Houston has been simply incredible.  Not only did they advance to the Final Four by having to play an extra game in the ridiculous “First Four,” they rolled through competition from the Pac 10, Big East, Big Ten, ACC, and Big XII to get to the Final Four.  I mention those victories over 5 power conferences (you’re next Horizon League!) to spotlight the loud cries from Bristol that the Rams never belonged in the tourney over, you guessed it, mediocre power conference schools.  

You may have also heard that many ESPN analysts weren’t big fans of VCU before the tourney started.  Don’t worry, human leech Skip Bayless is still beating the drum even after VCU’s F4 berth.  At least ESPN’s anti-VCU crew hasn’t broken down into tears like one of the Morris twins.  Way to back up your pregame trash talk by crying like a baby and turning the ball over 58 times.  Well played.

For your enjoyment is this video collection of ESPN analysts and their thoughts on VCU and the selection process before the tourney with quotes as well.  I realize that VCU’s miraculous F4 doesn’t change the logic involved in defending their existence in the tournament, but seeing the Rams in Houston is remarkable considering the hate that faced them before the dance began.  Credit Jay Bilas for eating his crow like a man, but these videos sure are fun to look back on…

*Who should have got in instead of VCU…

Hubert Davis – “We can make a case for any team being into the NCAA tournament, we can make a case for any team being out of the tournament.  I can’t make a case for UAB.  I can’t make a case for VCU.”

Jay Bilas – “These teams haven’t accomplished anything… VCU vs Virginia Tech ok, that’s arguable here and there, I don’t think it’s as arguable as some of these numbers make it look… but, these were bad decisions, we talk about the eye test, this one fails the laugh test.”

*Dukie V’s rant…

Dick Vitale – “My wife knows diddly about basketball, but if you put her here and said look at Colorado’s resume, look at UAB, and look at VCU, it’d be an M&Mer, a mismatch man.  It would be like a beauty contest, Roseanne Barr walkin in vs Scarlett Johansson.  No shot, none whatsoever.”

*Jay Bilas… again…

Bilas – “There was a reason why none of us brought up UAB and VCU as having a chance to get in, it’s because they had no chance to get in.” 

*Jay Bilas, one more time…

Bilas – “Dick, I understand the sensitivity in your heart… I’m not saying I don’t care how these kids feel, but I don’t care how the kids feel.”

Bilas – “These are horrible decisions.”

Bilas – “When I look at UAB and VCU at the expense of some of these other teams… I wonder if some people on the committee know whether the ball is round.  That sounds harsh, but I wonder it.  These were bad decisions.  They were indefensible.”

*Shaka Smart on Selection Sunday…

(On the doubters) – “Well we use that as motivation Rece, actually.  We sat there and watched all you guys’ comments and it’s great because we have guys that get motivated by that stuff… we’re excited that the people doubt us a little bit because we can turn that into motivation.”

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