Here are a couple of slip ups that might make you giggle a little and then me way over-analyzing them.

First, we have Mike Mayock referring to Jahvid Best as a “black” instead of a running “back.” Our friends at Cosby Sweaters think it might be a racially charged Freudian slip, but I think it probably has to do with the fact he just finished talking about LaGarrette Blount:

Speaking of LaGarrette Blount and Detroit running backs, we then have Bruce Bowen analyzing the tragic “player protest” involving the Detroit Pistons. Bowen sends his well wishes to Pistons head coach John Kuester, who has to deal with the situation, and adds that it’s unfortunate he will likely take the “blunt” of the blame:

So, yeah, while Mayock may have still been thinking of the L in his previously used B-word, Bowen could’ve been thinking ahead to his next B-word, “blame.” Or they could’ve been some kind of Freudian slips. I dunno, you be the judge:


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