This is an idea we’ve been floating around at AA headquarters for a while now – an NFL version of the Pammies.  We asked you earlier this morning on Twitter, and the response was a unanimous YES to the NFL Pammies.  With the legacy of the Pammies at AA, it only makes sense to expand our weekly documentation of awful announcing to the National.  Football.  League.  Listening to Dick Stockton announce a full Saints game and hearing Phil Simms call Mark Sanchez, “Mark Shantez” was like divine inspiration to launch our NFL Pammies…

This is where you come in.  Your tweets and comments are the lifeblood of the Pammies on Saturdays, so we’ll need AA Nation to pull together and provide us with the best quotes from Sundays and Monday nights, and even the various studio shows that fill an NFL weekend (I’m looking at you Chris Berman and Shannon Sharpe).  If you’re just an NFL fan and may be unfamiliar with the Pammies (if so, what’s wrong with you!), AA gathers the funniest, most ridiculous, most awful, and most innuendo filled quotes of the week.  Therefore, we need direct quotes in tweets and comments when sending in a submission:

NO: Dick Stockton is old and terrible.
YES: “3rd downs are always important. This is the first important 3rd down of the game.” – Dick Stockton

As with the college version of the Pammies, our readers will vote on the nominees and points will be awarded for the winning quotes.  At the end of the season, we’ll crown both a college and NFL Pammies champion.  

Most of all though, we also need your help in NAMING the NFL version of the Pammies.  Who or what should we “honor” with this distinction?  With the Pammy Awards, we have The Pam Ward Chronicles and The Pammies.  For our NFL version, we need you to fill in the blanks…

The _________ Chronicles.

The _______ies.

Leave us a comment or a tweet on your name ideas and we’ll start our NFL version of the Pammies next week.

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