It’s been a busy week with probably the biggest and most anticipated book in sports media dropping and excerpts, controversies, and all sorts of fun arising.  So, you’ll have to forgive us if we’re a little behind on the news in Gus Johnson World.  It’s been rather quiet since Gus officially left CBS for Fox, but the favorite announcer of the blogosphere recently gave an interview to Greg Bishop of the New York Times and had some rather revealing quotes on the process and his thoughts on not broadcasting the NCAA Tournament next year.

Gus on leaving the NCAA Tournament behind…

“I’m tired of thinking. Weighing. Grappling with my thoughts. You’re giving up something to gain something. But you’re still giving up something. I’m leaving something that I love. And I love that thing. That was my thing. Sometimes, you’ve just got to walk away.”

Gus on his own abilities…

“I believe in myself,” Johnson said. “I believe in my ability to do my job, whether it be the N.C.A.A. tournament or the world tiddlywinks championship.”

Gus on his cell phone the day the news dropped…

It was, Johnson said, “like, boom goes the dynamite.”

Gus on his new role at Fox…

“They’ve elevating me to a status I’ve never been before. For the first time, I’m No. 1 at something. I’m at the point where I’m not a kid anymore. I’m in my 40s. I’ve paid my dues.”

There are a few more interesting details from the Times on Gus’ contract situation and how things developed between Fox and CBS.  In the end, what we wrote back when the story broke remains the take away from this move.  The dominoes were always in place for Gus Johnson to move from CBS to a network where he would be utilized more outside of his starring role in March Madness.  The opportunities at Fox and the walls to Johnson taking on a starring role at CBS were always going to result in a likely departure.  Gus Johnson still isn’t coming back to March Madness, but the move to Fox may be the best decision for his career and result in fans ultimately getting more Gus.

And of course, how awesome is it that Gus references the greatest video in internet history?  How does that never get old?

Gus Johnson Is Eager to Expand His Horizons at Fox – NY Times

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