This is from this past Saturday’s Big Ten Championship game. Yes, we know it’s old and you’ve probably seen it elsewhere, but it had to be posted here and I wanted to give our own Brady Green some time to recover before putting up things that might make him cry. You see, he’s a big Michigan State fan and Sparty nation is still in mourning, but I wanted to get the video up before the blogging statute of limitations officially run out on this. 

In case you missed out on another Michigan State-Wisconsin classic, the situation was fourth-and-six at Michigan State’s 43 yard line. If Wisconsin fails to convert, they likely go on to lose. Instead, Russel Wilson scrambled to his left, stopped, planted, rise-and-fired across field to Jeff Duckworth, a receiver who had just caught his first touchdown of the season earlier in the game. Duckworth, despite being surrounded by green, jumped and pulled the pass into his bread basket at the Spartans’ seven yard line. Wisconsin would score and get the two-point conversion to take a three-point lead that would ultimately be the difference for the Rose Bowl berth. 

Gus Johnson reacted to the play as we’d expect: 

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