The early reviews are in and mostly positive on Gus Johnson’s new role calling college football games on FX. Pitted against the likes of ABC, CBS, ESPN, ESPN2, and the MLB playoffs though, the majority of college football fans have yet to experience one of the loudest announcers coupled with the most naturally loud sport. 

I found myself drawn to FX as the Aggies and Red Raiders provided a bevvy of big plays and scoring despite having rooting interests watching other games. While I didn’t get to watch a lot of the action, I felt lucky to have been able to this catch during a commercial in another game. Take it away Gus:

I think if you’re a college football fan, the bottom line is that you don’t have to fear Fox and FX’s foray into college football as you did during the dreaded BCS on Fox experiment. With Fox broadcasting two conference championships and the Cotton Bowl, it will be interesting to see if Johnson can finish out his rookie year on a high note with the potential of drawing some very big games. 

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