Probably the most anticipated first-round matchup of the NHL Playoffs is the pairing of two original 6 rivals, the Habs and Bruins. During the regular season, the rivalrly was ratcheted up a couple thousand notches after Zdeno Chara’s hit severely injured Max Pacioretty. It was an ugly scene to be sure, so ugly that Montreal police opened a criminal investigation into the hit. With the Canadiens taking the first two games in Boston, this set the stage for an intense and pivotal game three. As you can see/hear by Bruins announcer, Jack Edwards, the intensity wasn’t just isolated to the ice. I personally don’t have much of a problem with announcing homerism when it’s a local broadcast, but this is just hilariously awesome. Hopefully this series goes 7 so we can enjoy more Jack Edwards.

[Fang’s Bites]